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2020 IR Case Book Play Situations without Rulings

CIP Spring Exam 1

COC Offseason  Test1

COC Offseason  Test Answer Key

COC June

SCCFOA Study Guide

CFO-W preseason test 1

CFO-W preseason test 1


CFO-W preseason test 2

CFO-W preseason test 3

CFO-W preseason test 4

CFO-W preseason test 5

CFO-W preseason test 6

SEC Quiz 1

SEC Quiz 1 Answers

SEC Quiz 2

SEC Quiz 3

SEC Quiz 4

SEC Quiz 2 Answers

SEC Quiz 3 Answers

SEC Quiz 4 Answers

SEC Quiz 5

SEC Quiz 5 Answers

SEC Quiz 6

SEC Quiz 7

SEC Quiz 8

SEC Quiz 6 Answers

SEC Quiz 7 Answers

SEC Quiz 9

SEC Quiz 10

SEC Quiz 11

ARs without Rulings

Assembled by Andrew Jones

Case plays without Rulings


Rule 11 Quizzes

March Quiz

March Quiz w/ Answers

May Quiz

May Quiz w/ Answers

Other Sources


CIP Spring

SEC - Sun Belt

UCFOA Study Guide

CFO National Exam

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